Political work

Danish entrepreneurs work daily to gain influence among decision-makers, both nationally and internationally.

A united and strong voice for Danish entrepreneurs


For entrepreneurs, time is a scarce resource, and we know that to achieve the necessary success, time must be prioritized 110% on the business.

As a spokesperson for Danish entrepreneurs, we are a gathering point for the ecosystem and a strong link to the political scene both in Denmark and internationally.

Just like our members, we are driven by creating positive change, and we strive every day for an environment that is open to all, fosters sustainable innovation, creates jobs, and ensures the best solutions to the future's greatest challenges.

Public debate and political advocacy are crucial to creating a favorable entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, we actively work with politicians and decision-makers so that they understand your everyday life, your challenges, and your future.

We prioritize bridging the gap between real-life entrepreneurs and politicians, other businesses, organizations, and authorities, all of which contribute to setting the framework for the entrepreneurial scene in Denmark. When we involve all actors in the dialogue, we create the most holistic results both in Denmark, but also internationally in the EU.

Our political priorities

Our political priorities


Get fresh insights into the development and trends of the startup environment.

In the annual entrepreneur analysis, we focus on new issues as well as recurring themes.

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International outlook

"In our daily lives, we prioritize focusing 110% on developing our product and business. That's why we're part of Danish Entrepreneurs, as they enable us to navigate and interact with the political world without losing focus on our company."

Caroline Lilleør

- Owner & co-founder of Siréne