Breaking barriers

Entrepreneurship driving new opportunities and inclusion

How entrepreneurship is shaping our future by empowering individuals

Fostering innovation and advancing societal progress

Entrepreneurship is a driving factor in how we can provide new opportunities, evolve our society and create opportunities for everyone.

Entreprenruship provides a pathway to unleash human potential and ideas, foster diversity and inclusion in our societies.

Refugees are no exception. Offering an educational program that makes it possible for refugees, no matter their background, to become a part of something bigger is helping this objective. By giving people the right set of skills and knowledge, they are given the opportunity to break away from traditional norms and take on leadership to create financial stability, resilience and independence.

A pathway to self-sufficiency and resilience

Danish Entrepreneurs have been working on developing best practices on how entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for economic opportunities since 1985.

The past two years, we have led Europe’s largest program for Ukrainians linked to build a business and help the rebuilding of Ukraine. The fulcrum is our extensive efforts and knowledge from developing and executing entrepreneurial programs in Nordics with impact, business creation and new opportunities for everyone.

Here is a concrete example

Helping Ukrainians starting a business and rebuilding Ukraine

Significant demand for an entreprenurial program

A few weeks after the outbreak of the war, the first group of Ukrainian soon-to-be entrepreneurs started to learn about how they can start, build and run a business. With an overwhelming feedback from the participants…

… we felt that the timing for a complete entrepreneurial program was perfect. The interest after launching the program was massive both in Denmark and from abroad.

Offering an entrepreneurship program providing Ukrainian refugees with valuable skills, motivation and business experiences created new economic opportunities, while improving independence and resilience. Learning how to start a business was a fast track to foster greater integration and diversity in our societies and communities, as it encourages Ukrainian people from diverse backgrounds to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table. That is the key driver behind launching this nation wide program - an extensive program about how to start a business.

Europe's largest initiative of its kind

The overall key objectives is twofold:

1. Empowering Ukrainian refugees to become entrepreneurs to rebuild their lives and their country
2. Illustrating how refugees are an asset and not a liability in our societies


A program for +1000 Ukrainians to build a business

We have designed an entrepreneurial hub for Ukrainians where they can access workshops, resources and gain knowledge to build their own business. It is an one-point-of-entry to gain valuable skills, motivation and business experiences that can create new economic opportunities, while improving independence and resilience.

The program is offered at a national level with a key objective of empowering Ukrainians to unleash their potential to build new initiatives and businesses in Denmark and eventually back home in Ukraine.

The program is based on our extensive knowledge and experiences in designing and providing entrepreneurial programs in the Nordics. Our key delivery method is a combination of online trainings and physical events to drive impact through helping retain information better and keeping the entrepreneurs committed, engaged and motivated throughout the program.


Have grown their entrepreneurial skills


Have increased their revenue


Have hired new staff

6 mio. DKK GDP contributors

One Ukrainian startup from the program would be able to provide a GDP income of 200.000 DKK in the first year and 6.6 mio. DKK in year five.

Source: Kim Klyver, Professor, Entrepreneurship & Organization, The University of Southern Denmark

24th of February '22

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began and more than 30.000 refugees were welcomed in Denmark

16th of March '22

Under the parliamentary approval, Denmark adopted The Danish Special Act, also known as the Ukrainian law, granting temporary residence permits to displaced Ukrainian citizens

May '22

Having met the basic needs of displaced Ukrainian citizens, we identified the potential to upskill their capabilities in order to create new business opportunities

June '22

Google launches WeStart Denmark for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. The program receives 450 applications

September '22

The Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Foreign Minister of Denmark discussed the rebuilding and further support for Ukraine

November '22

The birth of IVDK HUB for Ukrainians

9th of January '23

National kick-off for IVDK HUB in Copenhagen City Hall. 500 attendees and speeches from Lord Mayor, Ukrainian Ambassador, Margrethe Vestager and Ukrainian entrepreneurs living in Denmark

February '23

Program launches locally with incubators in Copenhagen, Odense and Kolding - more than 200 Ukrainians signing up

10th of March '23

529 entrepreneurs have participated in the program and 88% of those who completed the program stated that they have improved their entrepreneurial skills

Listen to their unique stories

Meet Ganna Popova and Ganna Pireyeva and get an understanding of how the entrepreneurial program has helped them rediscover their entrepreneurial spirit.

Ganna could feel right away that these courses were of high quality with an amazing combination of theory, tasks and homework. It was a breath of fresh air for Ganna - in a time where she needed it the most.

- Ganna Popova

She opens up about her experience in coming to Denmark and participating in the incubator. It gives her a newly found motivation in life and enables her to reach her ambitions.

- Ganna Pireyeva


Coverage from around the world

The program has gained extensive news coverage from all around the world. Most prominently the program was featured in BBC News with 300+ million in target audience. The program has also been covered in Ukraine as well as in all the national, regional and local news outlets in Denmark.

Fyens Stiftstidende
The Wall Street Journal

“This program is so important. It brings people together - public and private partners. It brings resources together - money, talent, time. And above all, it brings Ukraine and Europe together.”

- Margrethe Vestager

Executive Vice President, European Commision

Margrethe Vestager
Bianca Bruhn

“The participants of this program want to create value while they are in Denmark but also acquire competences that they eventually can use when they come back to Ukraine and help rebuild. This program helps with that.”

- Bianca Bruhn

Country Director, Google Denmark

Structure the program as you see fit

The program offers a wide range of impactful tools and activities distributed by proven delivery methods on how to build and operate a business, while giving opportunities to interact with peers, experts and stakeholders. Program consists of three main workshops with 10 modules included in each workshop. The participants receive a wide range of essential skills and are able to choose between three different levels - beginner, medium or advanced.

The program also offers courses that focus on specific topics and have a significantly shorter duration. The participants can pick and choose from the different courses and create an educational structure that fits their particular needs.

Tailored entrepreneurship program

Step-by-step training and guidance on how to start a business with 10 modules based on best practices, experts and cases to drive impact.

Specialized business workshops

Workshops are made available for entrepreneurs to join based on their needs, interest, maturity and specific levels (beginner or advanced).

Connect with partners and investors

Participants get resources to grow their business ideas, opportunities to meet and connect with investors and partners.

Find the information that suits you

Understand how it was made possible in Denmark - and how it can be done elsewhere

The size of Denmark and the way the legislative system is constructed makes such an extensive program possible. It allows Ukrainian entrepreneurs to focus on what matters: creating their business, learning new skills and adapting to new surroundings.

But the end goal isn’t just about creating a business. The community within the program, the networking, the sense of belonging and the feeling of being able to contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine are the cornerstones of this program.

Nothing is possible without the nationwide stakeholders

Because of the comprehensive network of stakeholders it’s possible to create the local, regional and national feeling for the participants in the program. Creating physical kick offs at local business centers allows participants to get to know their fellow participants as well as getting the valuable connections.

On top of this we are engaged with Ukrainian partners so the education is done by somewhat familiar faces.

Fell free to contact us to learn more about our stakeholder network:

Be a part of the program

Be a part of the program

There are still spots left for joining the nationwide entrepreneurial program IVDK Hub. You can participate in 10-course programs that are matched with your entrepreneurial skill level or you can join the 1-day courses that address a specific need. Courses vary from understanding the Danish tax system, funding, mental toughness and building business models.

Regional, National and International partnerships

Our Regional partnerships:

These partnerships is represented in cities marked on the map.

Our National partnerships:

These partnerships is represented nationally.

Our International partnerships:

These partnerships is represented internationally.

Københavns Kommune
Odense Iværksætterservice
Business Kolding
Slagelse Erhvervscenter
Næstved Erhverv
Business Aalborg

Danske Bank
Danish Business Authorities
Innovation Fund Danmark
Association of Ukrainian in Denmark
Aalborg Institute for Development
Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse

Den Europæiske Union
Bureau of Investment Program
Diia Business

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