§ 1 NAME & REGISTERED OFFICEParagraph 1. The name of the association is "Danske Iværksættere" (Danish Entrepreneurs). The abbreviated name of the association is DKIV.Paragraph 2. Danske Iværksættere has its registered office in the municipality where the secretariat is located.Paragraph 4. In connection with this, the association can enter into agreements with partners regarding offers to its members.

§ 2 PURPOSEParagraph 1. The purpose of Danske Iværksættere is to improve the conditions for entrepreneurs and to develop and strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship.Paragraph 2. The association is a non-profit organization.Paragraph 3. The association is politically independent.Paragraph 4. The association will provide information about the conditions for entrepreneurs in Denmark.

§ 3 MEMBERSHIPParagraph 1. Members can be admitted in the following main categories:a) Individual members. Physical persons can be admitted as individual members.b) Company members. Companies, public organizations, associations, etc. can be admitted as company members.Paragraph 2. The board establishes the detailed rules and procedures for joining and leaving DKIV.

§ 4 EXCLUSIONParagraph 1. A member who does not comply with the association's bylaws, guidelines from the board, or otherwise works against the interests of the association, may be excluded by the board as a member of the association. The board's decision can be challenged by the excluded member at the next ordinary general meeting. A request for this must be received by the association's secretariat within 14 days after the member has been notified of the exclusion. A request for presentation to a general meeting does not have a suspensive effect.

§ 5 MEMBERSHIP FEESParagraph 1. The membership fee is determined by the board. Different membership fees may be established for different groups of members. The fee for each group must be stated on the association's website.Paragraph 2. Membership fees are collected according to guidelines established by the board.Paragraph 3. The obligation to pay the current membership fee exists until the membership is terminated. Termination must be made in writing to the association with three months' notice before the end of the membership fee period.Paragraph 4. The board may decide on other sources of income and support for the association, including donations and sponsorships.

§ 6 GENERAL MEETINGParagraph 1. The general meeting is DKIV's supreme authority.Paragraph 2. An ordinary general meeting is held every year before the end of May.Paragraph 3. An extraordinary general meeting is held when the board or at least 1/3 of the association's members make a written request for it. An extraordinary general meeting must be convened no later than eight weeks after the request has been made.Paragraph 4. The general meeting is convened by the board by announcement on the association's website and, if applicable, in the association's membership magazine, with at least four weeks' notice.Paragraph 5. The announcement shall indicate the matters to be considered at the general meeting. If proposed amendments to the bylaws are to be considered at the general meeting, the essential content of the proposal must be stated in the announcement.Paragraph 6. Nominations of candidates for election at the general meeting and items to be considered at the general meeting must be submitted in writing to the board no later than four weeks before the general meeting.Paragraph 7. The final agenda, the audited annual accounts, and any other relevant material must be posted on the association's website no later than eight days before the general meeting.Section 8. Meeting, Voting and Speaking Rights at the General Assembly are the Association's members who have paid the due membership fee at least six months prior to the General Assembly and have registered their participation in writing no later than four weeks before the General Assembly as instructed in the notice. Non-paying members require that they have been a member for a minimum of 6 months before the General Assembly.Section 9. When registering for the General Assembly, participants must register at Danske Iværksætteres contact email no later than 14 days before.Section 10. The agenda for the ordinary General Assembly shall include the following:a. Election of Chairmanb. Election of Secretaryc. The Board's report on the Association's activities during the past yeard. Presentation of the annual accounts for approvale. Proposals received from the Board or members of the Associationf. Election of Board Members and substitutesg. Election of auditorh. Any Other BusinessSection 11. Matters dealt with at the General Assembly shall be decided by a simple majority unless the Articles of Association provide otherwise.Section 12. Minutes shall be drawn up of the decisions taken at the General Assembly, which shall be signed by the Chairman.

§ 7. THE BOARDSection 1. The Board consists of a collective unit of 2-12 members.Section 2. The Board shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman immediately after the General Assembly.Section 3. The Board can only be elected from among association members with a minimum of six months' seniority.Section 4. The Board makes its decisions by simple majority.Section 5. The Board is responsible for the day-to-day and overall management of DKIV. The Board may delegate the day-to-day management - wholly or partially - to a secretariat selected by the Board.Section 6. From the adoption of these Articles of Association until the next ordinary General Assembly (cf. Section 6 (2)), the Board may choose to supplement the Board members by a simple majority decision of the Board.

§  8. THE BOARD'S OPERATIONSSection 1. The Chairman shall ensure that the Board meets when necessary. The Chairman shall convene the Board when a member of the Board or auditor requests it.Section 2. The Board is only quorate when at least half of the Board members attend the meeting.Section 3. The Board makes decisions by a simple majority vote unless otherwise provided for in these Articles of Association. In the event of a tie, the Chairman's vote shall be decisive.Section 4. The Board shall prepare minutes of the meetings held, which shall be signed by all Board members. A Board member who does not agree with the Board's decisions has the right to have their opinion recorded in the minutes.Section 5. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall act in all respects in the Chairman's stead.Section 6. The Board may grant power of attorney.

§  9. SIGNATURE AND LIABILITYSection 1. The Association is represented by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Board together with one Board member or by the entire Board.Section 2. The Association's assets are solely liable for the Association's obligations. The Association's members are not liable for the obligations incumbent on the Association.

§ 10. ANNUAL ACCOUNTSSubsection 1. The association's financial year is the calendar year.Subsection 2. Within four months after the end of each financial year, the board or the executive management shall prepare an annual accounts in accordance with the rules of legislation and the statutes.

§ 11. AUDITSubsection 1. The annual accounts mentioned in § 10, subsection 2, shall be reviewed by an accountant.Subsection 2. The audited annual accounts shall be presented to the ordinary general meeting for approval, cf. § 6, subsection 10, letter d).

§ 12. FINANCES OF THE ASSOCIATIONSubsection 1. In accordance with the purpose of the association, the board decides on the use of the association's funds.Subsection 2. The board may make reasonable provisions for the consolidation of the association.Subsection 3. The board may not grant remuneration, other than customary remuneration for the position and work performed, to board members, auditors, or persons in a managerial position in the association. The same applies to anyone who is related to one of the aforementioned persons by marriage or cohabitation.Subsection 4. The provision of loans and the provision of security for loans to the circle mentioned in § 12, subsection 3, is not permitted.Subsection 5. Any asset owned or acquired in the future by the association shall be in the name of the association and, as far as possible, shall be recorded as belonging to the association.

§ 13. AMENDMENT OF STATUTES AND DISSOLUTIONSubsection 1. A proposal for amendments to the association's statutes or for the dissolution of the association can only be considered when such a proposal has been included in the agenda for a general meeting. To be adopted, at least 6/10 of the members present at the meeting must vote in favor, in the case of amendments to the statutes, and a proposal for the dissolution of the association must be adopted with at least a 7/10 majority of the members present.Subsection 2. If it is decided to dissolve the association, the board shall appoint a liquidator and the association shall be dissolved in accordance with the rules for the dissolution of capital companies by solvent liquidation. The remaining assets after the dissolution shall be used in accordance with the purpose of the association.