Danish Entrepreneurs provides a unique network

Because Danish Entrepreneurs has the unique position in the startup environment that we have, we also manage to reach out to the right target audience every time.

If you would like to get in touch with our members, it is possible to become a part of our newsletter and tailor communication that ends up directly in +10,000 mailboxes. Whether you want a longer article or just a graphic ad banner, we are ready to help.

If you have other ideas or visions for the startup environment and would like to engage in larger and longer-lasting partnerships, that is also possible. We are happy to be part of a project group and provide endorsements for projects.

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The article will appear in the newsletter three times spread over four weeks. As a starting point, the newsletter is sent every Thursday, and material must be delivered by Tuesday the same week at 10.00 am at the latest.

The file types JPEG or GIF and must not contain animation. Max 50 KB. For all types of banner ads, a URL address must be included.

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