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At Danish Entrepreneurs, we work tirelessly for our more than 17,000 members - and we embrace all kinds of entrepreneurs. Everyone from the entrepreneur with a new idea to the one who has taken risks and the one who has had to close down.

Danish Entrepreneurs

We are passionate about representing our members' interests - both locally and globally. 

Through our traditional events and networking opportunities, we bring entrepreneurs together and create a platform for sharing knowledge and inspiration. 

With thousands of active members who support and engage with us, we are dedicated to ensuring a strong and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Denmark. This makes us a hub for entrepreneurs and gives us the opportunity to create a strong connection to the political world.


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We believe that collaboration is the key to creating a strong and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Denmark. That's why we work together with other business organizations, NGOs, and public authorities to create the best conditions for entrepreneurs in Denmark. This is how we create positive change and promote an innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurial culture in Denmark. 

We are driven by our passion for entrepreneurship and our commitment to creating a strong entrepreneurial environment in Denmark. We are proud of our work, and we will strive to make your membership in Danish Entrepreneurs meaningful.

Our work

Danish Entrepreneurs

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Board of Directors

Peter J. Kofler

Peter J. Kofler

Chairman of the Board

Louise M. Ø. Nielsen

Louise M. Ø. Nielsen

Vice Chairman

Karsten M. Jensen

Karsten M. Jensen

Board Member


Johann Svane

Johann Svane

Policy, Partnerships & Press

Email: johann@dkiv.dk

Phone: +45 31 46 90 67

Simone Skovshoved

Simone Skovshoved

Political Consultant

E-mail: simone@dkiv.dk

Phone: +45 27 11 13 88

Freja Sangild Boysen

Freja Sangild Boysen

Communications Manager

Email: freja@dkiv.dk

Phone: +45 93 20 30 94